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Imessage activation error esim

Step 1. Open the Settings app when you get the iMessage not activating issue, tap on your name, tap Wi-Fi and turn it off. Step 2. Press the Power button, move the slider to shut.

I still have my eSim card and SIM card as well, have not needed the physical SIM in the phone since I got the eSim in December '18. ... "Waiting for activation" notification by turning on and off the iMessage trying to resolve the "waiting for activation" and making iMessage work again, This can be resolved by going to the settings -> General. Reader Tips. I used a combination of steps: 1) toggle off both iMessage and FaceTime. 2) Turn on Airplane Mode. 3) Turn on WiFi (with Airplane Mode on.) 4) Toggle on. Hoping you guys can help me figure out what makes sense as I re-evaluate our VZW plans for my family. Currently we’re on an older unlimited plan: “The New Verizon Plan Unlimited”. $110/month for the plan $20/month for each line (we have 5 lines) Adds up to $210/month for 5 lines.

It sounds simple and if it solves,here's how it works: Step 1: Go to Settings, then scroll down and tap on Messages, then turn off iMessage. Step 2. Turn on the Airplane mode..

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1. Disable Re-Enable iMessage and FaceTime Go to the iPhone Settings. Tap on Messages > tap on the toggle to turn iMessage off. Next, tap on FaceTime and turn off. Restart your iPhone to clear the cache.

A full shutdown of your iPhone or Android smartphone is worth a try if the restart doesn't. Jan 24, 2022. A more seamless experience awaits Apple subscribers as Globe removes the one-time activation fee for Facetime and iMessage services. iPhone users are encouraged to activate their Facetime and iMessage now that the activation is free.

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